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As part of our commitment to our members the DHAA constantly reviews changes to the industrial landscape. These changes are assessed with regards to their impact on individuals and on the DHAA Professional community as a whole.

There is no Award under the Fair Work Act that applies to Dental Hygienists or Oral Health Therapists in Australia. This means that the professions are award free and under law, Dental Hygienists (DH) & Oral Health Therapists (OHT) do not have a standard pay rate, classification or salary. As an award free profession the minimum entitlements listed in the National Employment Standards apply and we are able to negotiate our own employment terms and conditions. 

It is highly advised that when taking on employment you negotiate a contract that clearly sets out the terms and conditions of your employment. This includes pay rates, hours of work and other benefits. These contracts are negotiated between the employer and employee. It is in your best interest to have your contract checked over by a professional to ensure you are receiving fair employment, and you should not sign a contract without having taken time to adequately reviewing ensure you are happy with the terms. 


Providing sound advice to DHAA members

In order to ensure that each member can negotiate the best terms for their employment the DHAA retains the services of Industrial Relations Advisors.

In consultation with the DHAA Ltd. the Industrial Relations advisors have put together an Employment Contract Pack, for use by our members. Members are invited to use this material as a guide and template when developing contracts with employers. Changes made to the contract, other than those referred to in the explanatory document, are at members’ own risk.

Please note that Industrial Relations advice and templates are only available to all DHAA members. The DHAA Ltd. also offers members industrial relations advice in consultation with our IR adviser.

If you are not a member you can join the DHAA to receive further advice and guidance in addition to other member benefits. If you are a DHAA member and need IR advice please follow the link to our member portal where you will be asked to sign in.

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