The DHAA Board

Caring for our industry. Caring for you.

The DHAA is run and managed by a team of eager and willing volunteers. These individuals happily give up their valuable spare time to ensure the smooth-running of the Association, the well-being of our members and the future of our profession.

Cheryl Dey

DHAA President

Amy McDermott

ACT Director

Alyson McKinlay

Tasmanian Director

Carol Tran

DHAA Vice-President

Warrick Edwards

New South Wales Director

Ron Knevel

Victorian Director

Michelle Kuss

DHAA Treasurer


Northern Territory Director

Aileen Lewis

Western Australia Director

State Chairs 

Your friendly local contact.

The following volunteers are on-hand to represent our members in all corners of the country. As the state chair-person they are you local face of the DHAA association and work tirelessly, with their teams, to ensure that you have CPD events and state-specific support at your fingertips.

Susan Melrose

ACT State Chair

Jen Turnbull

Queensland State Chair

Meghan Argentino

Northern Territory State Chair

Sue Tosh

South Australian State Chair

Steven Chu

New South Wales State Chair

Michael Charlton-Fitzgerald

Tasmanian State Chair

Sarah Laing

Victorian State Chair

Carmen Jones

Western Australia State Chair

Committee and Special Interest Group Chairs

Oral health for everyone.

These wonderful volunteers and their teams focus on key areas of importance and work to improve and advocate for oral health in areas of great need. 


Margie Steffens

Special Needs Chair

Lynda Van Adrighem

Aged Care Chair

Ian Epondulan

Oral Health Promotion & Public Health Chair

Lyn Carman

Rural & Remote Chair

Supporting Officers

Meet the engine room.

Outside of the main DHAA board and State representatives there are even more hard-working individuals that keep your Association running smoothly,

Bill Suen

Chief Executive Officer

Christina Zerk

Membership Officer

Patricia Chan

Administration & Events Officer

Shida Taheri

Industry Partnerships Officer

Josh Galpin

IT Officer

Desiree Bolado

DHAA Employment Officer

Jacquie Biggar

National CPD Chair

Bulletin Editor

Robyn Russell