Translating a vision into reality

The leadership team of the Dental Hygienists Association of Australia are elected volunteers from all parts of the country that share one common goal – to improve and maintain the standards of the dental hygiene and oral health industry.

Restructuring your association for the future

In November 2014, at the Canberra National Symposium, a vote was held to transfer registration of the Dental Hygienists’ Association of Australia from the South Australian Associations Incorporation Act to the Commonwealth Corporations Act as a Public Company Limited by Guarantee and to accept the proposed new constitution. The vote was in favour of yes by the members.

The Governance structure of the DHAA changed from a National Council to a Board of Directors. Furthermore, the addition of paid staff, increasing responsibilities and the state committee simplification has required a new structure to be developed. The Governance structure includes newly developed portfolios, in the areas of Finance and Audit, Membership, Communications, Governance, Continuing Professional Development and Special Interest Groups.

The shift to a Board of Directors means a greater responsibility for the volunteers that take on these representative positions. All state branches have opted to wind down their operations in favour of merging with the National Body.

Below is a representation of our current Governance structure.